Days 1-4

Day 1

Too busy at work to check theme until the evening. Delighted with the theme "Road Trip." Scrawl some ideas and notes. 

Day 2

car prototype

This is the future of transportation

Throw together some basic mechanics - driving along infinite road, throwing some basic traffic patterns at the player. The plan is to make an arcadey driving game, with an option to add some of the story elements I've planned, time permitting. Given the lore of game jams, that seems unlikely -  and that's why I picked an idea that should work as a game even if I don't get to add more bits.

Day 3

Further work on the basic mechanic. Not much available time today, so struggled to make much progress. I can crash into the other cars, but the crashed cars have a habit of driving off without exchanging insurance details.

Day 4

gameplay demo

TFW you keep seeing the same model of car

Cracked the crashing car issue and finally got some time to do some basic artwork. Polished to core game loop. It's now in a state where you could technically try to survive on the road forever.

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