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My Ludum Dare 32 Entry


In the forgotten husk of a long-ellided civilisation, one bizzarely formed humanoid *must* battle the pinkstringulons using his feline pals. I say "feline," but for very good reasons, they are masked as grey boxes.

As everyone know, pinkstringulons adore all cats, and will blindly chase them anywhere. Deploy your cat chums to distract the salmon-menace, then call them back to you.


So, I never got to half the graphics I was hoping to do, but glad to have got something that flows from beginning to end. A platformer involving cats.

Published Apr 20, 2015
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Unity


cccb_linux.zip 14 MB
cccb_mac.app.zip 13 MB
cccb_win.zip 11 MB